Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

As corporate governance lawyers we regularly counsel members of the board of directors, the board as a whole, and senior executives on the full range of corporate governance issues that confront companies and their leadership.
In addition to counseling on governance matters at the board and senior executive level, Citadel Advocates give advice and support to boards and senior executives in transactional and crisis management situations.

Our services in the sector include;
» Board structure and composition;
» Duties of independent board chair or independent lead director;
» Board committee structure and composition and board committee charters;
» Senior executive and director succession planning;
» Board and board committee evaluation and self-evaluation processes;
» Enterprise risk identification and risk management;
» Senior executive and director compensation policies and planning;
» Representation of boards and board committees;
» Evolving trends and best practices for corporate governance, including review and updating of charter and bylaws;
» Conflict of interest and related party transactions;
» Contested takeover contests and takeover defense;
» Director election and other proxy contests;
» Federal, state, and foreign law compliance issues.
Christopher’s practice is focused on the intersection of law, finance and technology and how that nexus can be harnessed for sustainable transformation. Christopher returned to legal practice after six years as in-house counsel at American Tower Corporation (ATC) where he advised on various commercial, legal and regulatory aspects of ATC’s operations in Uganda.

Christopher Luwaga

Managing Partner

Mercy is an Associate in the Corporate Commercial, Banking and Finance Teams. She advises financial institutions on compliance obligations with Uganda’s regulatory regime as well as lending arrangements.

Mercy Sasira

Practice Manager