Zoom Clinics for Lawyers: Bernard Oundo Webinar series

The Implications of COVID-19 on Rule of law and constitutionalism in Uganda, 6th & 14th April, 2020 (4:00pm – 6:00pm)

General background

When the COVID-19 outbreak was first announced in the Wuhan city of China in December 2019, very little was known of the impact it would soon pose on the globe. As the statistics of infections took a seemingly uncontrollable rising curve, both governments and their nationals started to panic.  Effective March 2020, Uganda started adopting a range of measures just a few phrases shy of a total lockdown, even though the country had yet to record half a cent of infections or even a single casualty from the Covid-19 disease. These measures were highlighted under Statutory Instruments issued by the Minister of Health vide the Public Health Act and included among others: closure of major concentration points (i.e.; educational institutions, religious/cultural/political/social/trade gathering etc); mandatory quarantining of all travelers from high risk countries coupled with a ban on any movements out of the country; a ban on public transport and entry into Uganda of all people; suspension of all non-essential movements and trades during daytime; a whole encompassing curfew starting 7:00pm of March 31st; among other measures that were gradually introduced during the continuance of the pandemic.

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