Citadel Advocates is a leading tax law firm with highly trained lawyers offering tax services to our clients both locally and internationally. The adage is true; “life has only two certain things, death and taxes”. While it is obvious that the Government is a silent shareholder in every business and an unseen signatory to every transaction, just how much is actually due to it and when, is the reason why you need an excellent tax lawyer.

With an excellent tax lawyer, the burden of taxes can be properly weighed, deferred, reduced or gotten rid of. Citadel Advocates is well grounded to help its clients navigate the tax tides by interpreting and digesting the often highly technical laws which form the bedrock of the subject of taxation.

We are a one-stop shop for tax advice with a track record of delivering highly efficient results. Our multidisciplinary tax team combines a unique blend of legal, tax and accounting expertise. We help organizations plan as well comply with their tax obligations in an optimal, efficient and responsible manner.

Our service offering under taxation resolves around; Consultancy, Advisory, Tax audits and review, Filing Tax Returns, Tax Registration for all taxes, for both residents and non-residents

We can also offer you among other the following services under taxation:
» Corporate Tax;
» Value Added Tax;
» Customs and International Trade;
» Employment and Personnel Taxes;
» Transfer Pricing;
» International Taxation;
» Transactional Advisory;
» Tax Due Diligence;
» Tax Strategy and Risk Management;
» Tax outsourcing services;
» Process consulting and advisory.
Millicent is a legal associate with the firm and a member of the litigation and advisory team. She recently graduated from Law Development Centre.
Denis is an Accountant He previously worked with an Engineering firm as an Accountant, and as an Accounts Assistant at Uganda Manufacturers Association.